Shock absorbers must be replaced by pairs?
If vehicle owner only change one shock absorber, then the softness and flexibility of two shock absorbers are different. Therefore, we suggest you replacing shock absorbers by pairs to ensure the driving comfort and safety.
How do I know when my shocks absorber need to be replaced?
For most vehicle owners, you can determine vehicles’ tires, brakes and windshield wipers are worn out or not, which is a lot easier than inspect shock absorber’s working condition .  Shock absorber is not easy to inspect, we suggest you send your vehicle to your auto repair shop to check. Vehicle owners should inspect your suspension system every 20,000km thoroughly.  Also inspect the suspension system when brought in for tire, brake or alignment services.
 How many miles do shocks absorber last?
Experts recommend replacing of shock absorber at 50,000 miles (80,000 km). Testing has shown that original equipment gas-charged shock absorber degrade measurably by 80,000 km.  Replacing these defective shock absorber can improve the vehicle's handling characteristics and comfort. Also, there are other factors that affect the life of a shock absorber, such as, regional weather conditions, amount and type of road contaminates, driving habits, loading of the vehicle, tire / wheel modifications, and the general mechanical condition of the suspension and tires. 
 What will happen if I don't replace defective shock absorbers?
Shock absorbers are an integral part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They are used to prevent suspension parts and tires from wearing out prematurely. If worn, they could jeopardize your ability to stop, steer and maintain stability. They also work to maintain tire contact with the road and reduce the rate at which vehicle weight transfers among the wheels when negotiating corners or during braking.
 What is the difference between Gas type and Oil type?
 Oil type: Oil + Air : Normal performance
     Gas type: Oil + Gas : Better performance 
     Gas type contains the nitrogen gas.
 Why do we feel comfortable in driving even if shock absorbers aren't gas type?
  Gas type : It's better than Oil type. You can feel good even if you drive in bad roads. 
      Non Gas type (Oil type) : You can feel good when you drive well in paved roads.


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